How to Eat Healthy at Disneyland!


We have a confession to make…
We love Disneyland! And I mean LOVE.

There is nothing like a day at the Happiest Place on Earth. It lifts us up and makes us feel like kids again! Being that it’s so close, we go quite often (as you’ve probably seen on our Instagram). After so many times of going to Disney, you definitely learn your way around the park, and also your way around the best food and restaurants! 
As you know, a Disney day can be a big splurge and a bit tough on our healthy eating habits. So, we have broken down what we eat when we go to Disney and where to get it. 

There are plenty of healthier options that you might not have even known existed! And because we are always striving for balance, not perfection, we always treat ourselves to a special splurge when we go! So naturally, we had to include those “Worth the Splurge” items. We hope this helps you next time you go to Disneyland and most of all, that you have a magical day.

Disneyland and California Adventure

Snack Carts - various locations
For a healthy snack, make sure you keep your eye out for the Snack Carts! There are tons of options to grab- Fruit, veggies, water, and various health conscious options. They can be found all over both parks. Pictured are the carts on Main Street in Disneyland and Cars Land in California Adventure.


Bengal Barbecue - Adventure Land
This place is an all time favorite! We go here almost every time for lunch. Pick up a skewer or two and feel light and fresh the rest of the day. Our favorites are the Chicken and Veggie skewers. Then jump right on Indiana Jones across the way!

Rancho del Zocalo - Frontierland
Rancho del Zocalo has so many different options and ALL of their food is delicious! We recommend the Baked Fish Tacos or the Citrus Fire-grilled Chicken. Plus, this place is a sit down restaurant with no reservations needed. So grab a seat on their romantic little patio and enjoy a healthy Mexican meal! 

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“Worth the Splurge”

Dole Whip - Entrance to Adventure Land
I’m sure most of you know about Dole Whip… if you don’t, get yourself there immediately! It’s become one of Disneylands’ most famous foods because it’s SO delicious, creamy, and refreshing. This, we would say, a safer splurge! It’s vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free and only 80 calories per serving. So grab one to share for a yummy treat, guilt free!

Cheddar Garlic Twist and Boysen Apple Freeze - Maurice’s Treats, on the left side of Cinderella’s Castle
We had to throw this one in there because the mix of sweet and salty goodness is hard to pass up. The Cheddar Garlic Twist is served hot and it’s a bit of heaven with its gooey, cheesy goodness. If it is a hot day, pair the Boysen Apple Freeze for a perfect afternoon pick-me-up!

Disney’s California Adventure

Pacific Wharf Café - Pacific Wharf
We love visiting this café in California Adventure for lunch or dinner. I am addicted to their Chicken, Apple & Walnut Salad! Yummy chicken, crisp apples and crunchy walnuts make up this super tasty meal. It comes in a bread bowl since this café is attached to the famed Boudin Bakery from San Francisco, but you can opt out and get a normal bowl instead (keep in mind, they do not discount it without the bread). Either way, the salad is the star in this case!

Paradise Garden Grill - Paradise Pier
This café has tons of healthy Greek-inspired meal options. Tucked in the back of the park, it’s a bit of a walk, but it’s really delicious food and worth the trip! We love the Greek Salad and the Lemon Oregano Chicken Skewer. Both are flavorful and filling. We would definitely recommend stopping here after a ride on California Screamin’!

Schmoozes! - Hollywood Boulevard
Skip the ice cream bar and get a Schmoozie instead! Stop by this smoothie bar for an afternoon snack or light lunch option. We opted for the Mango Madness that is made with mangos, peaches and lowfat yogurt. So yum!

“Worth the Splurge”

Ghirardelli Hot Fudge Sundae - Pacific Wharf 
Ghirardelli chocolate… the other San Francisco treat! Ghirardelli’s chocolate hot fudge made their sundaes famous in San Francisco. Made with soft, creamy ice cream and gooey, chocolaty hot fudge, these are a not-to-miss splurge in California Adventure! Seriously, one of the best sundaes you will ever taste.

We hoped you enjoyed this healthy trip through Disney… with a few splurges in between! Time to schedule your next trip to the Happiest Place on Earth!