Our Favorite Green Smoothie

Green juice, green smoothies, green everything!
Its easy to say that green is in right now in the health world. But lets admit it… sometimes these things taste, well, a little too GREEN! We have found a smoothie that’s a perfect balance of those yummy, healthy, green flavors with a mix of tropical and sweet fruits that make up our favorite snack or light lunch. We hope you enjoy making this super simple smoothie!

Enjoy your greens!



½ cup fresh or frozen pineapple
½ cup fresh or frozen mango
1 cup spinach leaves
1 Kale leaf or a hand full of chopped kale
½ cup water or coconut water
½ cup ice (optional, depending on whether you use frozen fruit)


So much yum! Let us know what you think.
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*Hawthorne Homemade’s Green Goddess recipe