10 Days of Shine!

We have a challenge for you, #ShineSociety!

In the New Year, we hear a lot of people making lofty resolutions and vowing that they will completely change their routine on January 1st. We are all about setting goals over here, but we’d like you to know that we don’t subscribe to the “New Year, New You” slogan, because… guess what… we already love you the way you are! Right now. Today. Its true!

So instead, we are launching our “New Year, Try Something New” campaign. The idea is to push all of us to try new things and surprise ourselves with how much fun we have stepping out of our comfort zone.

Here is our challenge for you!

Follow this “New Year, Try Something New” Calendar and enjoy 10 Days of Shine. We will be joining you on this journey and sharing on our social media channels each day. 

Don’t forget to tag us @ShineStudioRB and #10DaysOfShine for a chance to WIN AN ULTIMATE GIFT BAG full of fun things to reward yourself for sticking to your “New Year, Try Something New” goals.


January 1st - Post about your “New Year, Try Something New” goal!

January 2nd - Try a new class at Shine Studio

January 3rd - Make a new healthy recipe for dinner

January 4th - Make a plan with a new friend

January 5th - Throw back Thursday! Post a #tbt picture of when you tried something new.

January 6th - How do you Shine? Post about what makes you your most happy & healthy.

January 7th - Post about your favorite class at Shine Studio

January 8th - Take a “shot” at self-love (post a self-love selfie!)

January 9th - Try a different class at Shine Studio

January 10th - Post about your 10 Days of Shine experience


We hope you will start this year off with a new mindset on your health and fitness goals.

We are here for you and want you to be your best self. Make this the year that you break

barriers, surprise yourself, say YES, and believe that you can be successful. We know

that each of you have it in you to make all your goals become realities.

Now get out there, and try something new!