Shine Sunday Sweat

Get your Sunday workout in with Hillary and Yaya on the Esplanade in Redondo Beach by following these heart pumping and strengthening moves!

*Don't live near Redondo? Find a bench and get to it!

Start your workout with a short 20 minute jog or walk along the strand to get warmed up. 

Push ups

Place your hands on the short Esplanade wall overlooking the ocean and step back into plank position. Bend at the elbows, taking your chest toward the wall and creating a 90 degree angle with the arms. Do 20 push ups total.  

Kick Backs

Step your right foot up onto the wall and push off, kicking your left leg back and keeping your right knee bent. Make sure you keep the extended leg straight as you kick and keep your abs engaged so you are not arching your back. Repeat 10 times, and then switch to the other leg. 

Squat Jumps

Facing the wall and the ocean, plant your toes and knees forward, stepping slightly wider than your hips. Squat down, taking your arms behind you, and jump up into a squat position on the wall. Bend into the knees and jump back down into a squat on the ground. Be sure to keep softening in the knees and landing lightly on the feet in each squat position. Do 10 total squat jumps. 
Modifcation: Step up one leg at a time, and down one leg at a time. Alternate the leg you go up and down on each time. 

Repeat this whole sequence 3 more times.


You did it! High Five!

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Even if its not Sunday! ;)