The Fit Girl’s Guide to Postpartum Recovery and more!

The Fit Girl’s Guide to Postpartum Recovery and tips to heal Diastasis Recti
by Hillary Lewis.


We can all agree that recovery from childbirth is pretty intense. As my husband said, it’s as if our body is recovering from a bad car wreck. I’m not 100% sure I love this analogy because it’s also a beautiful experience… buuut it’s kind of true. 

 Although I think we can agree the recovery is gnarly, it’s also different for everyone. Your birth experience might be completely opposite from the person in the delivery room across the hall, so naturally our bodies will all recover in differently. But, I do believe that there are commonalities within our recovery and I can help you by sharing some of the things I’ve learned to recover in a way that is safe and effective!

Read on to learn more about my story of recovery and get exercises to help heal your core! 

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