*NOTE: All of our cardio dance classes are taught with the “Half-Time Break-Down” Method. We teach 4-8 counts at a time; half time, then full time, adding on a little bit each round, until the dance is done! Music is always playing, you are always moving. This method burns extra calories and makes it easier to grasp a full choreographed dance routine in only 1 hour.   
Non-dancers need not fret - this method works wonders!

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*PopFit - Dance like a backup dancer for Britney or Beyonce- cardio style! A mix of flirty and sassy moves that you would see in any music video. How do you think Bey gets her tight and fit curves?

PilatesRemix - Get your tone on in our new Pilates sculpting class! Listen to your favorite tunes while getting a full body workout with traditional pilates exercises for long and lean toning with weights added for extra strength and muscle training.

*SpiritFit - Cardio-cheer-dance! Get perky in more ways than one with this cheer inspired work out. Be aggressive! Be, be aggressive!

BarreBabe - Barre-Ballet-Pilates. A barre workout based on ballet and infused with Pilates. No technique or experience required, but be prepared to feel like a complete #BarreBabe walking out of this class. (Did you know that Pilates was originally created for Ballet dancers to create long lean muscle?! Boom.)

Pound - Rock out. Work out! Pound the floor with our “Ripstix” (drum sticks) and feel rhythm and the burn. Big time. Also, get your aggression out from sitting in traffic/that tough meeting/online dating, etc…

YogaJam - Get toned, zen, and work on your best Upward Dog, dawg. A perfect mix of Vinyasa Yoga with weights added to amp up the strength training, all set to fun pop and hip hop beats. Not your basic yoga class, because "basic" isn't in our vocabulary. 

*Happy Hour Dance Sesh - (Select Fridays) Themed cardio-dance workouts inspired by real choreography from pop stars. Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Usher, MJ, Britney, Katy Perry, Janet Jackson, and more!

*Shine After Dark - This burlesque-style workout will get you feeling super sassy! This class is the same style as our PopFit classes, with a little extra added somethin’ somethin’ ;)


Single Class: $18
Student Rate: $15 (with current student ID)
5 Class Package: $80.00 ($16 per class)
10 Class Package: $140.00 ($14 per class)
Unlimited Monthly Package: $169.00
Monthly Auto Renew: $149.00