Shine From Within is a Health Plan and Recipe Guide developed to help you learn to live a healthier life!

"I LOVED this group! Having that support, seeing everyone in class and always having someone to talk to about our progress and journeys. I feel like I have made some new friends and ladies I am comfortable talking to about weight, food and working out! Shine From Within is great, thank you for doing this!!" -Keri

"I absolutely loved "Shine from Within"! The program helped me meal prep for the first time ever! I used to go to my fridge and feel like there was nothing to eat, but with meal prepping, I was able to see all the yummy snacks I made for the week. The program made eating healthy more convenient and more feasible while working full time and being a student." -Marie

This e-book includes:
- 30+ recipes!
- Access to our online community (for life!) where members can motivate each other and communicate about your journey
- The support of our nutritionist and owners of Shine Studio, Hillary and Yaya!
- Sample Meal Plans
- Tips and Tricks for dining out
- The anatomy of a plate
- Information about macros and the ideal ratio for your diet
- Cooking tips
- and more!

- Flavorless meals!
- Lack of support!
- Counting calories!
- Boring workouts! (#LoveYourWorkout at Shine Studio!)

Purchase your e-book anytime, add Shine Studio workouts, and you'll be on your way to transforming yourself
into a stronger and healthier person!

(Book will be emailed to you within 24 hours)

Join our Shine From Within Challenge months!

During these 4 weeks, you will join your fellow Shine Society in committing to eating healthy and exercising! 
Compete and "take action" to be the most dedicated Shine From Within member and earn prizes at the end of the challenge. 

For a chance to win, complete Shine From Within Actions like:
- Meal prepping each week
- Checking in with your fellow SFW members on our Facebook group
- Attending 5 workout classes in one week
- Posting on social media about your journey
- Attending a special event at Shine
- Posting pictures of your favorite recipes
- Keeping track of your progress throughout the month
- and more! 

All Actions will announced within the first day of the challenge month to help you along your month-long journey!

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